Aviation English 2018 Holiday Special Offers


Accelerated Flight Training Center: Aviation English + ATC Communication Course Included in Ground School.  Free Pilot Aviation English Online Course

Accelerated Flight Training Center includes, at no additional cost, a complete Aviation English + ATC Communication Course with their ground school classes. Enroll by February 1st, 2018 and receive Pilot Aviation English 90 Day Online Course for FREE.


Biggest Pilot Gifts Holiday Raffle! – PilotPlacement.com

Pilot Placement is a free student to flight school pairing service.  Fill out one form and Pilot Placement will match you with the perfect flight school according to your needs.

What are they giving away?

1 – Gleim Private Pilot Kit
1 – Flight Gear HP Tri-Fold Kneeboard
2 – Gleim Private Pilot Part 141 Online Ground School

There are two ways to enter their Pilot Gifts Holiday Raffle:

  • Fill out their Student Form for 5 entries
  • Like their Facebook Page for 2 entries

Winners are chosen on January 2, 2018 and will be notified by email and phone.  Hurry up and enter!

Click HERE to Register for Pilot Placement Holiday Raffle



Airplane Raffles!  Win your very own aircraft for as little as a $50 ticket!

Ranger Airfield – 1962 Cessna 150B – $50 – Drawing 12/17/2018
Alaska Airmen – PA-18-150 Super Cub – $60 – Drawing 5/6/18
American Flight Museum – 1960 Cessna 150 – $35 – Drawing 7/7/2018
1940 Air Terminal Museum – 1966 Cessna 172G – $50 – Drawing 7/20/18

Note: We are not affiliated with any of these organizations. It is your job to determine the legitimacy of each raffle.

Week 1 – Test English Aviation Vocabulary

Week 1 – Free Practice English Aviation Vocab

Welcome! Each week we will challenge you with a set of English aviation vocabulary specific for pilots.  Click the lower right corner of each flashcard to flip the card.  Study the word, it’s English aviation definition, translation for ease of comprehension, and make sure you click the sound icon to listen for pronunciation.

Once you are confident you know these English aviation vocabulary terms and understand the meaning of the definitions we have more practice for you. Next, we will play a matching game to test how well you understood the vocabulary. Good luck!



Pilot Training Arrival Advice and Pilot Store Supplies


Organizing Personal and Pilot Supplies for Pilot Training in the United States

Be prepared your first day of pilot training.

It can be incredibly nerve-racking and confusing when preparing to relocate to the United States for your pilot training. We completely sympathize with you as many of our staff members experienced this exact situation.  It’s tough handling the stress of preparing for your student visa interview, hopefully working hard at your Pilot Aviation English online course, and organizing your life at home before departing.  That is a lot of pressure to have to deal with before you even start your journey to your new commercial pilot training school.  That last thing you want to have to worry about is figuring out what pilot store to go to! Many pilot training schools provide you with great customer service to make your arrival as easy as possible. The reality is that you are one student out of probably hundreds that are arriving each month. That is difficult for any commercial pilot training school to organize and ensure that all of your pilot supplies and everyday living needs are taken care on arrival or in a timely manner. As you embark on a very professional career that requires a lot of responsibility we encourage you to not depend on others to make sure that your personal and class pilot supplies are fully taken care of on arrival. Take matters into your own hands and have your pilot supplies prepared yourself without relying on others, this is a great piece of advice that will save you a lot of time, headache, and money!

So What Pilot Supplies Do You Need?  Which Pilot Store Should You Buy From?


Pilot stores are more expensive!

We interviewed over 50 different Commercial Pilot training schools in different states and compiled a list of products they recommend you have for your first day of your pilot training course.  Now, the question is which pilot store should you buy these things from and how are you going to get there?  We researched pricing and the easiest way to obtain pilot supplies and found that you should actually not go to a pilot store.  Amazon a globally recognized service that makes it easy for you to purchase these necessities prior to your arrival but you can have them delivered directly to your dorm or housing AND the prices of the necessary pilot supplies were typically less expensive compared to popular pilot stores!  This way when you show up to your housing after several hours of flight and travel everything you need is waiting for you. You don’t have to rely on flight school staff members, your roommates, or someone who has been in the area and is knowledgeable to help you find a pilot store or a place to purchase basic living necessities. Or worse, having to navigate an unfamiliar area at all hours of the night just to get some bedsheets for night of good rest in order to be prepared for your first day of pilot training!

Click on any of the items below to add them to your Amazon cart.  Very easy and convenient!

Bed-in-a-Bag, pick your favorite color and print.  Everything you need for a good nights rest! :

2 Pack of Pillows, obviously you need pillows:

Set of Towels, pick a color:

Laundry Bag to collect your dirty laundry in:

Soft Ear Plugs. Avoid hearing your roommates snoring or making noise all night:

Portable bathroom organizer:

Shot Sleeve Pilot Shirts for Men and Women:

Men’s Short Sleeve     Women’s Short Sleeve

Long Sleeve Pilot Shirts for Men and Women:

Men’s Long Sleeve        Women’s Long Sleeve

Black Tie, many schools require a black tie to be worn:

Pilot Sweater:

Men’s Black Pilot Pants:

Women’s Black Pilot Pants:

Aviator Sunglasses:

You should have a compatible Laptop, Ipad or Android Tablet that works within the United States:

Go Pro with Suction Mount and Aircraft Audio Adapter.  We promise you will want to document your training and use both audio and visual to review your pilot training!  More students have thanked us for this recommendation because it not only helps them learn but provides them with plenty of photos and videos to send home to friends and family.  When interviewing for an airline several pilots submit a video CV showing their pilot skills.  Some airlines will even ask for you to submit this type of documentation.  It is fun and worth the investment to help you with your pilot training and obtaining an airline position!  :

Pilot Headset:

Voice Activated Audio Recorder for Ground School and ATC Recordings. This is another item students currently training or graduated have recommend we add to our list for new student pilots. Instead of the GoPro at least purchase an audio recorder so that you can listen to ground school classes and practice your ATC communication. With English as a Second language this will help you catch any information you might have missed in class and to better tune your listening skills to English.:

Pilot Flight Bag:

Aviation Dictionary:


Housing Essentials and Pilot Gear

Again, many of our staff members have been in this nightmare situation so we want to help you avoid our mistakes and start your Commercial Pilot training the right way. If you choose to wait to purchase your pilot gear because you want to go to a pilot store we listed here the main things you will need right away to stock your new housing.

These are items that many people don’t think about or it would be a hassle to pack them and bring them as you travel. Well worth spending a little money in order to have the convenience of having everything you need waiting for you and showing up prepared, as all pilots should. If you’re worried about the delivery of your items speak to your Admissions person or whoever enrolled you into your flight school that could receive the items for you and store them until your arrival. Majority of flight school staff will be more than happy to help you because you’re making the effort to come prepared.  If you are currently a pilot training and recommend pilot gear online that we did not list please comment below so that we can add it.  All of our readers appreciate the advice of students that have made the journey to the United States for their Commercial Pilot training and the best way to prepare.  Thank you!