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Aviation English Challenge!

We want to see you succeed!  This is why Pilot Aviation English has decided to create the Aviation English Challenge making our Aviation English Course the most affordable option on the market. If you are hard working and complete the course within 90 days plus pass the final exam with an 80% or more we refund you $100!  That means you’re getting an entire Aviation English course for only $85!

  • Duration: 30 – 90 days self pacedguest
  • Successfully complete the course and pass the final exam with 80% (2 attempts) and we refund you $100!
  • ICAO Aviation English Study Hours: 90 total
  • 65 Aviation English Lessons and Exercises
  • 10 Audio Readback Practices – share with your flight instructors for feedback and to show off your progress!
  • Certificate of Completion for presentation to your flight school, employer and add to your Linkedin profile.
  • Access: 24/7/365 Online
  • Cost: $185 – 90 Day Unlimited Access

This Aviation English course is for student’s of all levels of English proficiency and aviation knowledge.  The ability to study an online aviation English course allows students to begin improving and practicing no matter where they are located in the world. This course is an affordable solution for students that want to practice their English and expand their aviation knowledge before arriving to begin flight training in the United States. The average course duration is 60 days to complete but we give you 90 days access. This self study online aviation English course incorporates aviation terminology, pilot phraseology, English grammar lessons, aviation specific vocabulary, ATC readback, flight situational awareness and much more. Included in this self- study course audio readback speaking practices to evaluate pronunciation, comprehension, and allow the student to practice listening and processing different accents. Each student successfully completing this course will receive an endorsed Certificate of Completion for their achievement in Aviation English excellence according to the requirements stated in ICAO Doc 9835-AN/453!

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Pilot Aviation English has worked with not only international student pilots but also flight instructors to help develop an amazing ICAO 4 outlined course that students can access from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Their English as a Second Language teachers have combined the phraseology and concepts of aviation with high level ESL lessons to provide quick and lasting results. This low cost online course guarantees to save student’s time, money, and frustration by preparing them and allowing them to practice their pilot aviation English while going through the student visa interview process.