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This Aviation English sample ICAO test free online is offered to evaluate your current level of English and general aviation knowledge so that you may be recommend the appropriate course, class or online. To begin simply fill out your information below, submit and you will be redirected to the page to begin. Immediately after you finish you will see your score. Course information, your score, along with instructions on how to enroll will be emailed to you shortly after you complete. Good luck!

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It is always good to practice English at every opportunity, and make good use of free resources. This sample ICAO test free is not the final determining factor of your level of English but a valuable baseline. English is difficult to learn and become proficient and adding flight training information makes it even more challenging. It is up to you which course you feel is best for you to make you comfortable in your flight training learning environment. Typically if you score between a 75%-95% on the ICAO test free it means you have down the basics but really need to practice.  A score of less than 75% is an indication that you need to get serious about improving your Aviation English prior to beginning your flight training.  Our 90 Day Aviation English course is the perfect solution to quickly bring you to the necessary level to be successful in your training.  Know that Pilot Aviation English is here to help and make your learning experience the most for your money and time. Thank you for participating in this ICAO test free so that we can gather results to provide statistics according to each type of language that have completed the exam. This helps Pilot Aviation English determine how to improve our courses and offer additional customization to each student’s experience.